Changing the Guard | Ceremonies / Worldwide

Changing the Guard ceremonies take place at many important institutions around the world.

Essentially the handing over of responsibility from the old guard to the new guard these ceremonies are often elaborate and precisely choreographed displays of military drill.


Arlington, USA

Changing the Guard at 'The Tomb Of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington USA.

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Ottawa Canada

Changing the Guard on Parlaiment Hill Ottawa, Canada

Changing the Guard on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

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Prague, Czech

Changing the Guard at Prague Castle

Changing the Guard at Prague Castle takes place at 12:00 daily.

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Santaigo, Chile

Changing the Guard Santaigo, Chile

Changing Guard takes place on the plaza in front of La Moneda Palace, in Santiago, Chile.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Changing the Guard Copenhagen, Denmark

Changing the Guard at Amalienborg Palace, takes place daily at 12:00hrs

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Athens Greece

Changing the Guard, Athens, Greece

Changing of the Guard ceremonies take place at the Presidential Mansion and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens.

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New Delhi, India

The weekly Changing of the Guard in New Dehli

Changing the Guard at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, India

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Wagah, India

Beating Retreat at Wagah

Every day at dusk, Indian and Pakistani border guards put on a show of one upmanship at the Wagah border crossing.

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