Changing Guard Photo Album - 2 Rifles Dismount - Windsor Castle

Photographer: David Whitecross | 3 May 2018

David took these pictures, featuring 2 Rifles, the Band and Bugles of the Rifles and Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards changing the Windsor Castle Guard in the Lower Ward.

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  • 2 Rifles Dismount
  • 103_0586
    Rifleman on Sentry duty at Windsor Castle
  • 103_0597
    Old Guard forming up
  • 103_0606
    ready for inspection
  • 103_0612
    The Inspection of the Old Guard
  • 103_0620
    Waiting for the New Guard to arrive
  • 103_0665
    Band and Bugles of the Rifles lead the New Guard into the Lower Ward
  • 103_0677
    Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards, the New Guard
  • 103_0682
  • 103_0688
    Bugkes and Band of the Rilfles
  • 103_0699
    Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards dressing
  • 103_0703
  • 103_0707
    Bugle Major
  • 103_0718
    The buglers that accompany the band are front line infantry soldiers drawn from across The Rifles
  • 103_0719
    Band and Bugles of the Rifles
  • 103_0720
  • 103_0726
  • 103_0731
  • 103_0738
    Relief sentries march to their post
  • 103_0750
    The buglers that accompany the band are front line infantry soldiers drawn from across The Rifles
  • 103_0754
  • 103_0755
  • 103_0804
  • 103_0816
  • 103_0822
  • 103_0833
  • 103_0839
  • 103_0844
  • 103_0845
  • 103_0852
  • 103_0859
    Homeward bound
  • 103_0909
    The old Guard march out of the Castle

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