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A few of our favourite videos from the Changing of the Guard ceremonies, Ceremonial Events in London and training the men who guard the Royal Palaces and Castles.

Changing of the Guard Videos

Videos from the Changing of the Guard ceremonies at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Horse Guards Parade.


Changing the Guard video
Changing the Queen's Guard

Changing the Windsor Castle Guard
Windsor Castle Guard Change

RCMP mount The Queen's Life Guard
The Queen's Life Guard

Ceremonial Event Videos

Videos from some of the most popular State, Royal and Military ceremonial events.

Queen's Birthday Parade
The Queen's Birthday Parade

Beating Retreat
Household Division Beating Retreat

State Opening of Parliamnet 2014
State Opening of Parliament

Guarding The Queen

The very first time cameras were allowed behind the scenes at the Royal Palaces to see the historic and hidden world of the Grenadier Guards in this three part documentary from All 3 Media

Guarding the Queen episode 1
Guarding The Queen Episode 1

Guarding The Queen episode 2
Guarding The Queen Episode 2

Guarding The Queen episode 3
Guarding The Queen Episode 3


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