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It's pretty obvious we're going to say our website is good - who would actually promote their own website as poor?

Anyway, here are some genuine quotes and feedback from our visitors so you don't have to just take our word for it.

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Quotes From Email Messages

from: The Household Division

Your website has been a great inspiration for us whilst developing our own and we have fully appreciated how informative it is for the general public. With this in mind we would like to invite you to Horse Guards as we would very much like to meet with you to discuss the websites and how we can encourage traffic between both.

from: Bernard

Great! It makes a pleasant change to encounter an organisation that does not filibuster, waffle, flag up lame and feeble excuses, blame someone else or simply just ignore constructive feedback.
Good to know that someone out three actually understands the spirit of TQM.
Good luck!

from: John Power

Re Changing of the Guard I am most appreciative of your comments which will help planning immensely.

from: M Garretson

You are very special to take so much of your time. I told my Travel Agent about you. One final, final question. At Westminster Abbey is it possible to attend services or the Organ Recital. If so, what is the time and cost? Thanks again for everything!

from: Mike

I really appreciate that, it would be tragic to go into London to see this with the family over from the States and there be no musical support, I look forward to your mail hopefully confirming these dates. 

from: Jenny

Thank you so much, Andy. It was great to get a reply all the way from London ? obviously excited about our trip in September from Australia.

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