The Garter Service

The Knights of the Garter gather at Windsor Castle, wearing their blue velvet robes and black velvet hats with white plumes, for the Garter Service every June.

The Order of the Garter was founded by Edward III in 1348 and is the oldest British Order of Chivalry.

Before lunch, in a private ceremony in the Garter Throne Room in Windsor Castle, the new Knight Companion's of the Order are Invested by Her Majesty.

After lunch the Knights and Ladies of the Garter, proceed from the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle down the hill to St George's Chapel for the annual Garter Service, watched by invited members of the public.

The procession route is lined by troops from the Household Division and the Queen's historic bodyguards, including the Corps of Gentlemen, Yeoman Guards, Yeoman Warders, (Beefeaters), accompany the Knights.

The next Garter Service is expected to take place on Monday 17 June 2024.

  The Garter Service 2024

About The Order of The Garter

The Most Noble Order of the Garter, founded in 1348, is the highest order of chivalry and the United Kingdoms third most prestigious honour, only inferior to the Victoria Cross and George Cross.

The Monarch alone can grant membership. He or she is known as the Sovereign of the Garter, and the Prince of Wales is known as a Royal Knight Companion of the Garter, plus not more than 24 Companions, and various supernumerary members known as Royal Knights and Ladies of the Garter.

The supernumerary members, which do not count towards the 24 members, or Companions include other members of the Royal Family and foreign monarchs, who are known as "Stranger Knights and Ladies of the Garter.

The appointment of the Knights and Ladies of the Garter is in The King's gift and awarded to recipients from the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Countries who have contributed to national life or have served the Sovereign personally.
This means appointments to the Order are made by the Monarch without Ministerial advice.

New appointments to the Order of the Garter are always announced on St George's Day, 23rd April, as Saint George is the patron saint of England.

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Getting Garter Service Tickets

A limited number of tickets are available for members of the public to stand inside the precincts of Windsor Castle and watch the procession to St George's Chapel, these are allocated by ballot.

To apply send a letter, stating how many tickets you require, (maximum 4), enclose a stamped self addressed envelope and send between 1st January and 1st March to;

The Superintendent
Windsor Castle

You can also apply by email to: between the 1st January and 1st March with your name address and number of tickets required, (maximum 4).

Please state on the application if anyone in your party is a wheelchair user.

About Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, which has been the family home of British Kings and Queen's for over 900 years, is an historic castle, Royal Palace and a family home that is open to visitors for most of the year.

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