Troop Movement Timings

Before, during and after the Changing of the Guard ceremony troop movements take place between Buckingham Palace, St. James's Palace and Wellington Barracks.

Before the Ceremony

10:25: The St James's Palace Detachment of The Queen's Guard form up on Friary Court for inspection

10:30: New Guard form up on the parade square at Wellington Barracks for inspection, while the Band accompanying them play a selection of music.

10:43: St. James's Palace Detachment of the The Queen's Guard step off for Buckingham Palace.
(Sentries remain at their post until replaced by a part of the New Guard).

You can see the Old Guard being inspected, and when present, hear the St James Palace Band, from Marlborough Road from just before 10:25.

10:45: Household Cavalry ride past Buckingham Palace on their way to mount The Queen's Life Guard at Horse Guards.

10:57: The New Guard step off, from Wellington Barracks, for Buckingham Palace.

During the Ceremony

11:00: Official start time for the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

11:10: St. James's Palace relief leaves Buckingham Palace.

11:25: St. James's Palace contingent, of the Old Guard, leaves St. James's Palace.

11:37: The Old Guard of The Queen's Life Guard rides past on their way back to Hyde Park Barracks.

After the Ceremony

11:40: Old Guard leaves Buckingham Palace for Wellington Barracks.

11:45: St. James's Palace Detachment of The Queen's Guard leaves Buckingham Palace.
The Buckingham Palace Detachment of The Queen's Guard then retire to the guardroom.
For the next 24/48 hours the Guardsmen will spend 2 hours on sentry duty and 4 hours off.

Location & Troop Movement Maps


  • Location Map
  • Location Map
  • Before the Ceremony
    1. Household Cavalry pass Buckingham Palace en-route to Change The Queen's Life Guard
    2. St James's Palace Detachment of the Old Guard march to Buckingham Palace
    3. New Guard march from Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace
  • During the Ceremony
    4. Household Cavalry ride past on their way back to their barracks
    5. St James's Palace relief leave Buckingham Palace to relieve the sentries of the Old Guard
    6. Sentries from the Old Guard march back to Buckingham Palace
  • After the Ceremony
    7. Old Guard leave Buckingham Palace and march to Wellington Barracks
    8. St James's Palace Detachment of the Queen's Guard leave Buckingham Palace

Click or tap the map to view routes and details of troop movements before, during and after the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

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