Changing the Guard - Prince's Palace Monaco

The royal entrance on Palace Square, is the place to be to see the changing of 'The Prince's Palace Guard' ceremony in Monaco.

The age old ceremony takes place daily at 11:55am in front of the royal entrance on Palace Square, where the Prince's Carabinieri, in striking white or black seasonal uniforms change The Prince's Palace Guard.

The Prince's Carabinieri have ensured the security of the Palace, The Sovereign Prince and the Princely Family, since their creation on 8 December 1817.


Prince's Palace Guard Monaco


Sentryr from The Prince's Carabinieri


The motto of the Palace Guards is “Honour, Loyalty and Devotion”.

The Guard is currently composed of 124 soldiers: three officers, twenty-five non-commissioned officers and ninety-six ordinary soldiers whose other duties include providing the Prince with a guard of honour, enforcing laws and maintaining public order.

Orchestra of the Prince's Carabinieri

The Company of the Prince's Carabinieri has a military band consisting of twenty-five Carabinieri musicians under the direction of a Senior Warrant Officer.

Since 2014, this formation has been called the "Orchestra of the Prince's Carabinieri".

Although it is an integral part of the unit, the Orchestra is not a separate entity and the Carabinieri who make up the orchestra take part in all the services assigned to the Company and receive the same training as their comrades.

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With thanks to Mark Leishman for providing the pictures from changing 'The Prince's Palace Guard' in Monaco.

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