Changing of the Guard Dates & Times

Dates and times for Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace, in March and April 2020, with details of the Regiments and Bands on duty.



Following Government advice to avoid mass gatherings and encourage social distancing, during the Corona Virus pandemic, the Changing of the Guard is temporarily taking place without music or ceremony.

Known as an “Administrative Guard Mount” the Old Guard hands over duties to the New Guard without music or ceremony in the Guard Room, to which there is no public access.

The soldiers operational role remains the same with sentries posted to protect the Palaces.

Changing the Guard Ceremony

Suspended till further notice

Visiting Changing the Guard

Where To Watch

Places to watch Changing the Guard
With maps and tips to help you see more

What You Will See

Complete guide to the Changing of the Guard ceremony

Visiting With Children

Suggestions to help younger visitors see the Guards and Bands without a long wait


Answers to frequenly asked questions about Changing the Guard

Wet Weather Cancellations

The Changing of the Guard ceremony can be cancelled due to rain.
The decision to call a 'Wet Mount' is made by the Captain of the New Guard and as this can be made as late as 10:45 it means we cannot update our website or social media pages in time to help people en-route or already at the Palace.

Walk With The Guards

The Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place between three locations Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace and Wellington Barracks.

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