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Should you need an instant answer our FAQ Pages provides answers some of the questions visitors frequently ask.


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Changing the Guard Dates

The calendar on our website displays dates the British Army have confirmed Changing the Guard is scheduled to take place.

Dates are normally confirmed around the 20th of the preceding month. i.e. August dates would be confirmed in July.

While happy to provide information, based on historical data, to help you plan a visit, there is no guarantee Changing the Guard will take place on the same dates this year.

Wet Weather Cancellations

Changing the Guard can sometimes be cancelled, especially in wet weather.

The decision to cancel due to rain can be made, by the Captain of the Guard , sometimes as late as 10:45 on the day.

This means we cannot update our website or answer email enquiries in time to help people en-route or already at the Palace.

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