Photo Album - Queen's Birthday Parade 2018

Photographer: Mark Leishman | 9 June 2018

Pictures from The Queen's Birthday Parade, held on Saturday 9 June 2018, by Mark Leishman who was on The Mall.

These pictures give great insight of how much there is to see from sidelines and you can find out more about Trooping the Colour and how to get tickets to the seated stands.

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  • Queen's Birthday Parade 2018
  • DSC_0060
    Detachment of Irish Guards marching up The Mall.
  • DSC_0061
    Street liner on The Mall
  • DSC_0063
    Band of the Welsh Guards
  • DSC_0066
    The Drum Majors parade in their gold State Dress
  • DSC_0071
    Band of the Welsh Guards
  • DSC_0077
  • DSC_0082
    Irish Guards Officers
  • DSC_0078
    1st Battalion Irish Guards
  • DSC_0083
  • DSC_0088
  • DSC_0090
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • DSC_0093
    Scots Guards Drum Major
  • DSC_0094
  • DSC_0095
    Pipes and Drums of the Scots Guards
  • DSC_0097
    Pipes and Drums of the Scots Guards
  • DSC_0100
    Irish Guards
  • DSC_0101
  • DSC_0105
    Posting street liners from the Irish Guards
  • DSC_0106
  • DSC_0107
    Street liners are posted along the length of The Mall
  • DSC_0108
    Authorised Firearms Officers from the Metropolitan Police provide security
  • DSC_0109
    Irish Guards officer standing at ease
  • DSC_0110
  • DSC_0112
    Attention to detail with the distance between street liners measured with a pace stick.
  • DSC_0115
    HRH The Prince of Wales en-route to Horse Guards
  • DSC_0122
    Band of the Grenadier Guards
  • DSC_0127
    Irish Guards Corps of Drums
  • DSC_0128
    Scots Guards
  • DSC_0130
    Grenadier Guards
  • DSC_0135
    Band of the Irish Guards
  • DSC_0137
    Irish Guards Drums and Pipes
  • DSC_0141
    Band of the Coldstream Guards
  • DSC_0139
    Coldstream Guards
  • DSC_0144
    Coldstream Guards Corps of Drums
  • DSC_0145
    7 Company Coldstream Guards
  • DSC_0146
    The Colours of the Coldstream Guards being escorted to Horse Guards Parade.
  • DSC_0153
    Leading Horsemen / Women from the Royal Mews
  • DSC_0162
    The Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge on their way to Horse Guards
  • DSC_0174
    Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex ride past
  • DSC_0178
  • DSC_0182
  • DSC_0186
  • DSC_0190
    Drum horses from the Band of The Household Cavalry
  • DSC_0195
    Band of the Household Cavalry in State Dress
  • DSC_0199
  • DSC_0202
    The Blues and Royals
  • DSC_0206
  • DSC_0209
  • DSC_0211
    Her Majesty The Queen
  • DSC_0219
  • DSC_0225
    Household Cavalry Standard
  • DSC_0226
  • DSC_0235
    The Life Guards
  • DSC_0242
    Domhnall of Shantamon the mascot of the Irish Guards.

    Pronounced 'Donal' he retired in September 2019 after almost 7 years of service.
  • DSC_0270
    Waiting for the parade to return down The Mall
  • DSC_0277
    Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery
  • DSC_0282
    Kings Troop, riding to Green Park where they fire a 41 Gun Salute to mark The Queen's official birthday
  • DSC_0288
    The Guns are Kings Troop's Colours which is why the street liners present arms as they pass.
  • DSC_0295
  • DSC_0308
  • DSC_0318
    Drum Horses leading the Parade
  • DSC_0323
  • DSC_0331
  • DSC_0336
    The Massed Bands of the Household Division
  • DSC_0337
  • DSC_0338
  • DSC_0340
    HM The Queen leading Her Guards back down The Mall to Buckingham Palace
  • DSC_0344
    The Duke of York and The Princess Royal
  • DSC_0347
    The Coldstream Guards Colours following the Royal Party
  • DSC_0348
  • DSC_0349
  • DSC_0350
  • DSC_0351
  • DSC_0354
    Job jobbed
irish Gaurds marching to Horse Guards Parade

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