Coldstream Day - 1815 Guard Mount

Photographer: David M Whitecross | 7 May 2016

Coldstream Day for serving and veteran Coldstreamers and their families, provides a fun packed day, and this year David was their guest when they wound the clock back, with the help of a group of re-enactors, to 1815.

The re-enactors, are part of the group who took part in Waterloo 200 which marked the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

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  • Coldstream Day
  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-1
    Coldstream Day 2016 in Victoria Barracks Windsor
  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-10
    The Coldstream Guards has had drummers and a "Band of Music" from 1742.
    The civilian musicians were replaced in 1785 and at the time of the Battle of Waterloo had increased in strength to twenty two musicians.
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  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-12
  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-13
    The old and new
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  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-2
  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-3
  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-5
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  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-7
    The reenactors taking part set up camp in Victoria barracks
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  • Coldstream-Day-2016-dw-9
Re-enactors dressed in the uniform of the Coldstream Guards from 1815


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