Changing Guard Photo Album - Scots Guards Regimental Remembrance Sunday

Photographer: Mark Leishman | 29 April 2018

The Scots Guards, held their Regimental Remembrance Parade at the Guards Memormial on Sunday. Mark was there to grab these shots of Scots Guards old and new.

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  • Scots Guards Memorial Service
  • Guards-Memorial-ml-01
    The Guards Memorial on Hirse Guards Parade
  • Guards-Memorial-ml-03
  • Guards-Memorial-ml-04
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-07
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-08
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-09
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-10
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-14
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-15
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-16
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-17
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-18
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-19
    Band of the Scots Guards counter march
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-20
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-21
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-23
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-24
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-27
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-28
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-29
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-31
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Band-ml-32
    Band of the Scots Guards
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-05
    Padre leading the Service
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-06
    Watching from the sidelines
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-13
    Scots Guardsmen and their families remain a part of the Regiment for life
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-25
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-26
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-30
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-33
  • Scots-Guards-pipe-Band-ml-11
    Scots Guards Pipe Band
  • Scots-Guards-pipe-Band-ml-12
  • Scots-Guards-pipe-Band-ml-22
    Scots Guards Pipe Band
  • Scots-Guards-Memorial-Service-ml-34
    Guards Memorail with wreath on display

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